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Foot & Ankle Pain

The feet and ankles are our direct contact with the environment. They are designed to operate on natural surfaces, with variations in density, elevation, and space. In an effort to make life easier, we have made everything we walk on flat. This removes the natural stresses that keep the 26 bones of the foot moving and its joints healthy.

Foot and ankle injuries are also common for those that suffer from back and neck issues. Injury to these key areas will always cause dysfunction and instability in the pelvis and ultimately the spine.

Dr. Jeremy checks the joints of the feet and ankles and adjusts them as needed. Some patients need more intensive rehabilitation, orthotics, or exercises that will help them regain full body function as well.

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8 AM - 1 PM
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8 AM - 1 PM
2 PM - 6 PM


2 PM - 7 PM


8 AM - 1 PM

1301 Redwood Way Suite 150 I Petaluma CA 94954


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