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Laser Therapy: Long Term Issues to Severe Pain

Healing the Body with Photoceuticals

Even with chiropractic care and attention to proper nutrition, there are times when the body simply doesn't have the reserves or the capacity to heal from certain long term issues or even severe muscle or nerve pain. Laser therapy provides the assistance that the body needs to move beyond stasis and into healing.

What is Multi Radiance Laser Technology?

Multi Radiance Laser technology is the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive pain relief method cleared by the FDA. This proprietary technology incorporates the Super Pulsed laser, red and infrared light, and a magnetic field to temporarily alleviate pain and enhance blood circulation.

What can  laser treatments do?

The goal of laser treatment to provide energy at a cellular level to help the body recover from injuries and conditions it may not have the ability or capacity to recover from. Here are some of the conditions that have seen improvement with this technology:


  • Arthritis

  • Chronic Shoulder Spasm or Pain

  • Rigidity or Tension in Jaw
  • Wrist and Elbow
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Tight Calf Muscles
  • Sprains
  • Sport Injuries
  • Back Aches
  • Joints
  • and much more!

When can I expect to see results?


Most patients feel the beneficial effects of the therapy after 3-5 sessions, though it varies depending on factors like the condition being treated, the age and health of the patient, etc. Some patients feel relief after the first session, while others feel it after a few weeks. Dr. Jeremy will be able to give you an accurate treatment plan after your consultation.

Does laser therapy hurt?

No. Laser therapy is non-invasive and painless. Most people do not feel anything, while some experience a slight tingling or warming sensation over the area receiving laser.

How is it administered?

Typically, the laser emitter is placed directly upon the skin over the area of concern. Depending on the size and location of the injury, the laser my be held in one spot, or it may be moved around to cover a wider area. Each session generally lasts 5-10 minutes.

How does it work?

Laser therapy is a process of utilizing light sourced energy to stimulate cells within the body to relieve pain and/or stimulate tissue to assist in injury recovery. Multi Radiance uses multiple wavelengths so energy can be absorbed below the skin's surface and into muscle and deeper tissue.

Is it safe?

Yes. Multi Radiance lasers are the safest FDA laser class and will not overheat skin or burn you. A wealth of medical experience, state-of-the-art engineering, and optimal quality has been built into the devices. Extensive clinical research and tests have confirmed their safety and efficacy.

What conditions would prevent me from getting a laser treatment?

You should not use laser therapy near a pacemaker, if you are pregnant, or if you have an active cancer diagnosis.



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