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Pain and Inflammation

Almost all pain is created by inflammation. Inflammation is a necessary part of the body’s healing process, but in the presence of inflammatory diets (like the standard American diet), leaky gut (undigested food particles slipping into the bloodstream), smoking, excessive alcohol use, viral, bacterial, or fungal infection, and stress, the inflammation pathways can become overloaded, turning acute inflammation into sustained, or chronic, inflammation.

Our goal is to interrupt this pathway by modulating the process before it begins an unnecessary cascade of inflammation.

KappArest: (named for kappaBeta, an inflammation driver in the cell)

Start by loading your body with a dose of 4-5 pills daily until pain subsides and continue with 2-3 to modulate inflammation as well as decrease your risk of dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Many of these botanicals also activate the cell cleanup squad, Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) in the cells, producing SuperOxide Dismutase, Glutathione, and Catalase!

BioAllay: Start with 1-2 capsules 3x a day, increase if pain persists.

Devil’s Claw has been shown to alleviate hip, knee, and low back pain, along with nerve involvement. It has a mild anti-inflammatory effect with a stronger focus on pain relief.

White Willow Bark is know to relieve chronic low back pain. It does take time, so the longer that you take BioAllay, the greater the relief.

Note: White Willow Bark contains salacin, which has a similar chemical composition to aspirin. Do not take Bio-Allay if you have an allergy to salicylates/aspirin.

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