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Mineral Rich Salt and Probiotics

Himalayan Pink Salt

Our family has used Himalayan pink salt for many years now, and we definitely feel better. Why? Himalayan pink salt has approximately 84 trace minerals instead of being pure sodium with additives. It has a saltier flavor, so you wind up using less than you would with table salt. We just don't buy table salt anymore. As a result, the whole family is getting those minerals that are so needed but absent in foods today.

Kombucha or Water Kefir

We decided years ago that we wouldn't buy soda or keep it in the house. Our kids don't miss it--we buy kombucha, which is a probiotic tea with a fizzy, carbonated taste, or water kefir, which is very similar but doesn't involve the tea. If you're used to soda, it may take you a while to get used to the taste, but the kids love it. These drinks are so beneficial for your digestion: they help your digestive system populate with beneficial bacteria that breaks food down so that you get the most from it. (We sometimes brew our own. Use pineapple juice for a really tasty, healthy beverage!) Think of the benefits to your whole family having a healthy digestive system!

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