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Headaches and Migraines

"I suffer from severe migraines daily and have to take prescription medication to get rid of them. Since seeing Dr. Jeremy Wroten, I’ve noticed a huge difference in positive way. My migraines have significantly decreased. Heck, I haven’t had a headache in almost 4 weeks! I am extremely grateful for Dr. Jeremy’s treatments and adjustments. I have more energy and feel like I’m finally getting my life back. Thanks Dr. Jeremy!!"

-Natalie S.

"Dr. Jeremy is the best! He takes his time and collaboratively works with you to make sure that everything is feeling so much better before you leave! My neck has been my worst trouble spot that I've been dealing with for decades, and was made worse from a car accident. Since I started seeing Dr. Jeremy, my headaches are gone! And my range of motion in my neck surprises me every single time I turn my head! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeremy at Luminous Chiropractic! Absolutely the best self-care I am committed to on a weekly basis!"

-Rachel C.

Shoulder, Neck & Jaw Pain

"I'm almost 4 months into my chiropractic health journey with Dr. Jeremy, and can only say wonderful things about my experience at Luminous Chiropractic! I've never sought out chiropractic care before, but after several years of random but painful and frustrating shoulder, neck, and jaw pain, I decided to give it a try. My experience so far has been life-changing. My body slowly started shifting and I could feel the changes pretty immediately. My radiating facial pain and jaw soreness has been resolved and my overall health has been improving week by week. As an initial skeptic, I am pleasantly surprised by the very obvious changes to my body and health due to Dr. Jeremy's magic."

-Rachel B.

I am a long time registered nurse, who has used a Chiropractor in the past, but really didn't have much success for the issues that were being treated.
When my dentist told me I might have TMJ, he wanted me to go to an Orthodontist  which I knew meant x-rays and possibly braces, not something I really wanted to do at this time of my life (over 70!).
A friend said I should go see Dr. Jeremy so I made an appointment.  I mentioned during the intake exam that I didn't really think Chiro would help me, but didn't want to go the Orthodontist route.  But, I committed to the suggested timeframe, and was faithful with my visits.
At dental check up approximately 3 months later, the hygienist was pretty happy with how things were going.  Said my teeth look good but best of all, I pretty much had no tooth pain which was always present prior to Chiropractic treatment.
I am so happy with how things are going now, I will definitely continue my visits and tune-ups.  I think the best part of my visits with Dr. Jeremy is that he listens and cares.  Probably this, too,  has a lot to do with how I responded to his treatments.

- Denise

Nerve Pain & Mood

Ever since I’ve started having appointments with Dr. Jeremy my life quality has improved dramatically. Doctor is genuinely curious about how the body works and how different parts are interconnected. I had pinched nerves in my neck and Dr. Jeremy addressed all of my concerns immediately. I can finally sleep and not feel numbing or tingling sensation in my arms. My body and mind feels rested and well taken care of. Thanks to Luminous Chiropractic I can enjoy my life to it’s fullest.

-Kristina M.

Low Back & Sciatica

I have been seeing Dr. Jeremy for the last 8-9 months and I highly recommended this place to anyone looking to get their body right. When I first came to him I had terrible lower back and sciatic pain. I could hardly walk or stand up straight. I had just had a gym injury but I had been dealing with lower back/ sciatic pain for the last 2-3 years. I am only 29 so I knew that it wasn’t right that I had these type of problems this early, and I was desperate to get healed up as soon as possible. I had never had X- rays taken before coming here and with them I could really see and understand why my back had been killing me these last couple years. During the course of the last couple months Dr. Jeremy has done an unbelievable job getting my body aligned/ healed and educating me on the process along the way. I am currently pain free and I am able to enjoy the sports I love to play again. So thank you to Dr. Jeremy and the whole crew at Luminous Chiropractic for getting my body healed!

-Guillermo B.

I always get excited when it's a Serendipity day! Nicole at the front desk is such an inviting energy and is so helpful. I always feel well cared for as soon as I walk in!
Dr. Jeremy has been SUCH a big help in helping me get my mobility back. After dealing with a handful of disappointing doctors visits that got me nowhere, Dr. Jeremy was able to find the actual causes of my pain quickly and make a plan to address them all. I had never been to a chiropractor before and he has really shown all the benefits of regular adjustments. He has helped with issues I was not even conscious of, and after regular visits we have really worked together to find the perfect adjustments for my body and what it needs.
And probably by no coincidence, even their clients are wonderful people as well. I have made a few friends just chatting before/after our appointments.
Overall such a great place, and I know I will be going to Luminous
as long as I can!

-Ingrid H.


Foot, Ankle, & Knee Pain

"It's been great since I got here!!!I was in to much pain for the last year but the thanks to Dr. Jeremy my pain when I started was 9/10 now is 2/10 my life is getting a lot better I'm back to my normal life!!!!!"

-Walter R.

"Dr. Jeremy is the best! Since he’s been working on me I am almost 100% free of pain in my legs and feet. He takes his time with you, he’s thorough and Listens to how you feel. And he wears a mask which I love add a respect for his patience. Thank you Dr. Jeremy!"

-Kathy P.

Overall Approach

"I've been a patient at Serendipity [now Luminous] Chiropractic since 2018. Dr. Julie was my first experience in seeing a chiropractor. (To say I was skeptical of chiropractic treatment is an understatement!) Dr. Julie was a tremendous help/relief with my neck pain & resource in helping me learn more about my own body.
  Making changes to doctors is hard enough when you don't have ongoing issues. It can be concerning to see someone new, especially if you're in pain. With Dr. Julie's departure, I have been just as pleased to now be working with Dr. Jeremy.
  I find Dr. Jeremy's approach to be very calming and confidence building which helped put my apprehension at ease when initially starting under his care. He is very thorough in his assessments before suggesting changes. Dr. Jeremy seeks feedback after making adjustments and before continuing with the next which I greatly appreciate. He never seems rushed and is very open to sharing information when I ask questions.
  Dr. Julie left behind some very big shoes to fill. I feel Dr. Jeremy has done a seamless job in filling those shoes. He has exceeded my expectations in every way. His practice has not changed the warm feel & effectiveness of his wonderful staff. He is a true partner in keeping me in a state of wellness and is at the ready for any other issues that creep up. Thank you, Dr. Jeremy."

-Monica P.

Family Friendly

I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy and Luminous Chiropractic. He is a very knowledgeable and intuitive healer. He is also very thorough, kind and gentle and truly wants to help you feel your best. His office staff are very friendly and welcoming. My entire family visits regularly and are so grateful for the wonderful care we receive. Thank you!

-Jacqueline M.

Over 60

The 5 stars are all for Dr. Jeremy. I am over 60 and his work with me and health suggestions have taken me from painful walking to a place where I can again hike 12 miles on the Appalachian Trail or run 4 miles. Besides being very skilled at adjustments he is a kind, easygoing, and humble man, the genuine thing. I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy for anyone who needs to see a chiropractor."

-Kathleen S.

Nerve Pain

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