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Ready to Rehab! Feet, Ankles, Knees & Toes

Updated: Jan 13

How would you like to be part of an experiment? During this New Year, from  February 1 to April 1 of 2024, Dr. Jeremy is looking for committed people who would like to work on rehabbing their feet. Time commitment is about 30 minutes daily with an additional 30 minutes each weekend.

When the feet and ankles don’t function well, everything else in the body suffers. Here’s the protocol for the next two months.

Start out with a foot scan and fill out our foot/ankle assessment form. Mark your scores and fill out the questionnaire about any injuries that you might have.

Be able to commit to the following:

  1. Get adjusted each week for 8 weeks. Dr. J will focus on the feet and ankles, including loaning you an ankle brace to be worn until the next visit unless you start to feel discomfort with it on.

  2. Find a place that you like to walk barefoot, like the beach or other natural surface. Barefoot walking allows all 26 bones in your foot to move naturally.  Or, purchase a pair of barefoot type shoes (Vibram/Xero fall into that category) that have no arch support. Walk on natural surfaces for at least 60 minutes every week in these shoes or barefoot. More is better, but stay away from asphalt and concrete while in these shoes.

  3. Use a 4x4 piece of wood to improve your ankle/foot flexion. Place the ball of the foot at the edge of the block and stretch your knee forward so that a plumb line would reach the toes. Stretch each foot for 5 minutes a day.

  4. The ankles, knees and foot are intimately connected. Use 10-15lb ankle weights  while seated, allowing your feet to dangle. Use a very gentle back and forth motion to stimulate the knee joints while they are decompressed by the weight. This is not meant to strengthen the muscles. Gentle movement will allow your knee joints to regenerate as the fluid inside is restored by a healthy filtrate of blood. Do this for 10 minutes daily. 

  5. 10 rotations of the ankle clockwise and then counterclockwise. 10 rotation of the knee joints clockwise and then counterclockwise. Total of 40 rotations of the feet and 40 rotations of the knees. 

  6. If you have custom orthotics, be sure to wear these whenever you are on flat man made surfaces. If orthotics aren’t available to you, be sure to wear an arch support sleeve or sock. 

  7. The first week of April everyone that participated will do a foot scan again and compare the results. Dr. Jeremy is committing to this experiment as well and is excited to see you on the other side. Expect to have a supported spine and pelvis that will improve your health for years to come!

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