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Understanding Chiropractic

In these videos, Dr. Jeremy answers common questions about chiropractic care. Click Here.

Why Chiropractic?

Pain exists to tell us there’s a problem. Looking only at the problem area, such as the neck, back, or hip will not provide us with the solution. Here’s why:

The area of the body that hurts is usually compensating for an area that can’t function well. The compensating area becomes exhausted and starts to hurt. The goal is a removal of compensation patterns and a return to normal movement and function. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Change the biomechanics of the body starting with the feet, knees, pelvis and then up into the spine.

  2. Restore movement to the spine, which restores nerve communication. Now the muscles, organs, and tissues of the body can talk to the brain, coordinating strength and balance.

skeleton with spine

Laser Therapy helps muscles, ligaments, and nerves to regenerate, reducing pain and assisting the body in healing.

Areas That Benefit:
Fingers and Toes
Wrists and Ankles

Susan Villa, past president of the Petaluma Museum Association, talks about her experience with laser therapy.

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How do we do it?

Chiropractic Care: 

Dr. Jeremy’s system of analyzing subluxated joints allows for reorganization over time. Adjustments usually begin very gently and graduate in intensity as the body adapts and grow stronger.

Custom Orthotics:

The feet are the foundation of the entire body. When they suffer, the whole body suffers. Ensuring that these arches are supported with custom, soft, and comfortable orthotics rewinds the body back to normal.


Stuck and compressed joints in the low back and neck bottleneck the brain’s communication with muscles, organs and tissues around those joints. We can decompress spinal joints with specific weight and pull time to turn these communication pathways back on over time.

Laser Therapy:

Overworked muscles stay tight. It takes more energy to relax a muscles than to contract it. Laser therapy provides energy to the cells at a local level. With more energy, that area of the body can begin to heal instead of staying in a constant state of distress.

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custom orthotics
spinal decompression therapy
levels of laser therapy

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Jeremy Wroten, DC

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Dr. Jeremy Wroten graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West. Working with established, successful practices in Georgia and Virginia, he was able to bring those experiences to his own practice here in Petaluma. Dr. Jeremy is a California native. He was born in Vallejo and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. While teaching pain in Folsom, CA, he had a life changing experience with chiropractic care. He has a strong belief in the body's ability to heal when the root issues are dealt with. This approach has led him to identifying stress patterns that the body uses to compensate for nerve and structural weaknesses.

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