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Adrenal Cocktail

Stress impacts all of us, particularly when we’re going through changes in life that cause anxiety. If you fall asleep easily but wake in the night (usually 2-4 AM) and can’t get back to sleep, you will likely benefit from the adrenal cocktail. Cortisol is a primary hormone that is released when the body is under stress or in a “fight or flight” state. Cortisol helps us perform well when we’re in danger, but in the long term it begins to impact us negatively.

  1. Suppresses inflammation, which is part of the healing process. Tissues are not able to heal properly.

  2. Increases blood sugar by breaking down muscle tissue if needed. Leads to a loss of muscle and insulin resistance due to chronic levels of high blood sugar.

  3. Fatigue sets in as the body is unable to regulate its waking and sleeping cycles properly.

Without the proper levels of minerals, the adrenal glands become fatigued, unable to keep up with demand. A good balance between sodium and potassium is needed in order for the body to pump ions in and out of the cells. In the absence of these important minerals, the body becomes dysfunctional, affecting things like sleep, energy, and mood.

Often we will go to a caffeinated or high sugar drink in order to re-energize ourselves, not realizing this pushes our body into greater adrenal stress and imbalance.

Enter the adrenal cocktail: Its primary benefit is in supplying potassium and the cofactors that the body needs to absorb it.

  1. Orange juice: supplies Vitamin C that the adrenals need to create hormones (if you want to avoid the sugar in orange juice, substitute lemon or cranberry juice) - 4 oz

  2. Himalayan Pink Salt: contains trace minerals that your body needs to balance cell function - 1/4 teaspoon

  3. Cream of Tartar: Rich source of potassium; dissolves well in orange juice - 1/4 teaspoon

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