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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D deficiency is an issue for many, and you may not be aware that you’re being affected. It is important to note most fortified foods contain D2, which is not as potent or bioavailable as D3. D2 is the form of vitamin D most often linked with vitamin D toxicity, and is most often synthetic. Studies are showing Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune issues, depression, and even cancer.

The problem may be in the gut: Celiac disease, gastric bypass, IBS and other issues with the digestive system may not allow Vitamin D to be absorbed.

Sun exposure is important: About 50% to 90% of vitamin D is absorbed through the skin, and only requires twenty minutes in sunlight with 40% of our skin exposed. As we age, our ability to absorb vitamin D through the skin is diminished. Many people work indoors for the majority of the day, and may not even get 20 minutes of exposure.

Most individuals with vitamin D deficiency are asymptomatic. One very simple test is pressing on the sternum, and then pressing into the shin. If those bones are tender, you may have vitamin D deficiency. 30 minutes after taking a supplement, test again to see if those tender areas remain.

As with calcium, vitamin D3 relies on the presence of magnesium in order to enter the cell. Statin drugs, a very popular class of medications for high blood sugar, block the production of vitamin D, as it is made of cholesterol.

Because vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin, it is better to eat it with a healthy fat. Bile from the gall bladder is needed to process vitamin D, so having natural probiotic bacteria in the gut is necessary to recycle bile. Look at our sheet on mineral rich salt and probiotics for more suggestions on this topic.

Vitamin K2 is important to include with D3, because it directs calcium into the bones and away from the joints and blood vessels.

We carry Vitamin D3 in liquid form, both by itself, with K2, and with K2, E and A vitamins.

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